Beautiful websites to attract your dream clients.

A good website..

•  Is beautifully designed and matches your brand

•  Shows your customer what your business is all about

•  Shares your ideas in your unique tone of voice

•  Looks good on desktop, mobile, and tablet

•  Is easy to find on Google and SEO-optimised

•  Attracts your dream clients with ease!

1 – Website scan

€200 excl. VAT

You designed your own website, or have one done for you, but now you wonder if it’s really the best for your business. Does the design matches your branding? Are you easy to find on Google? What about SEO? 

With this website scan I want to offer you a thorough analysis of your current website. You will receive a detailed report with advice and feedback + a list of things that you can improve right away. 

In-depth analysis of your current website’s design, texts, and functionalities. How can it be better? What can be improved today?

Detailed report with insights and actions to improve your website straight away.

2 – website DESIGN

Starts at €550 excl. VAT

You are launching a new business. Or you started out one way but now you’ve expanded. Your business is growing but your website is not. You want a beautifully designed website that fits your brand and tells your dream clients what you do.

After we had a chat about you and your business, I will have a look at your current website and make some suggestions on how to update it. If you need a new website, I will work on a structure and moodboard. After your feedback, I will get to work and design your website, using creative design and copywriting.

The result is a beautiful, user-friendly and modern website that fits your business like a glove!


Ready to get started?

Whether you need a simple website to show off your portfolio, or something a bit more complicated like a webshop – I would love to help you! 


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Made with ♡ by © 2019 Tess Tettelin
Legal stuff