Share your story with those
who matter.

1 – Content Creation

I believe the best copy results from a ‘story first, words second’ approach. Before I start writing, I want to hear all about you, your business, and your exciting vision for the future! Then I will find the right words and the perfect tone of voice to share your story with the rest of the world.

+  Blog posts
+  Website texts
+  Mission, Vision, Values statements

2 – Communication Strategy

Are you looking for a copywriter who does her research, learns about your industry inside and out, has a highly collaborative process, and knows how to voice your ideas to the world? Let me help you figure out how to put your message out into the world.

+  Communication strategy
+  Website content strategy
+  Social media strategy

3 – workshops

You (and your team) know best how to tell your story because you have experienced it. But sometimes you just need a little help to get organized. My workshops will help you find the right topics to talk about and convey them in powerful stories that attract your audience.

+  Storytelling for business
+  Strategic planning
+  Idea + vision generation
+  Presentation 

Not sure what you need?


I love writing and I love working with passionate people and brands. So if you need a marketing brochure, sales flyer, or any other piece of content, feel free to get in touch.


Good storytelling is:


I want to put across your personality. One of the most important things about copywriting is that you pour your personality into your writing. Whether you’re bold, funny, or whimsical, let the words reflect that. I want to write copy that sounds like you.


If people can’t understand what you’re saying, then you may as well say nothing at all. Unnecessary words often dilute the meaning of your messages, so I believe in choosing words with purpose. By keeping it short and simple, I make sure your ideas resonate with your audience.


If it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for me. I take spelling and grammar VERY seriously. That’s why I check everything again and again, until I’m absolutely sure that your texts are good to go.

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Made with ♡ by © 2019 Tess Tettelin
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