Sometimes you just want to talk to someone who knows her stuff and can help you move forward.

Need some quick feedback or advice?

Sometimes you need an outside perspective. Someone to tell you what to do. Or to help you work out the next steps. That’s where the ‘quickie’ comes in.

It’s a 60-90 minutes meeting with myself to help you get where you want to go and not lose your marbles in the process. You bring your challenge, questions, blocks, messy things and we work together for a full session to get it handled.


Where do we meet?

We can meet online or offline. If we decide to meet offline, I will pick a cozy place somewhere in the Berlin center for us to sit and talk. 

What’s my investment?

One session costs €95 for 1 hour and €190 for 2 hours. I will send you some prep work before the meeting so I can get to know you and get down to business. After our meeting I will send you a follow-up report with clear actions and insights for you to move forward with.

What’s a ‘quickie’ ?

Well, there are a lot of different explanations for a ‘quickie’ but let’s keep it civil. My idea of a ‘quickie’ is that we meet up for 1-2 hours, focus on one or two issues and work through it. At the end of our session, you’ll have more clarity, confidence, and a plan of action on how to move forward and solve your issues. 

Who do I usually work with?

Most of my clients are in the process of starting their own business, or have been running their business for +/- 2 years. They are most often solopreneurs. Sometimes they have part-time support or work with a very small team. They’re highly motivated and focused on doing the best possible work for their clients.

+  Creatives
+  Sustainable & non-profits 
+  Coaches
+  Online entrepreneurs
+ …

Shall we grab a (virtual) coffee?

If you have any questions or are curious about how we could work together, please get in touch. I’m always down for grabbing a coffee together!

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Made with ♡ by © 2019 Tess Tettelin
Legal stuff