“Coaching is for people who are weak, lost or struggling. It’s for those who easily get overwhelmed with even the little things in life and think way too much about life in general. It’s for those who can’t do it on their own.”

I read this the other day and was stunned. When your body hurts, you go to the doctor, right? When you feel down, you go talk to a therapist, right? So why wouldn’t you consider consulting when you want to grow your business and need some extra expertise and support?

I genuinely find it interesting. I’m not saying that everyone should get a business coach, or that we should all be focussed on (personal) growth – most important is that you do what you believe is right for you. But looking back on the people I’ve worked with so far, I can’t help but see the value they got out of our consulting. They came to me with fears, issues, limiting beliefs and low confidence. They were scared to take the plunge and do their own thing, or feeling unsure of how to move forward and grow their passion project. Now, these people are their own boss, working hard to improve their business because they have the tools and knowledge to do so. I see how their product or service is being communicated more clearly and having a positive impact on the world. I see how my clients are happier, feeling more confident, and in charge of their business. Which to me is the best possible outcome.

When I talk to friends or family about consulting, I notice how some have an old way of working. Or better said, how some are still working with an old mindset. They say things like:

+ “You need to work very hard in order to make money.”
+ “Work is a mostly a burden and not so enjoyable.”
+ “In the morning, when I hear my alarm clock ringing, I dread getting out of bed.”
+ “When people ask me how I’m doing, I usually say ‘busy, so busy’.”
+ “You should work from 9 to 5 and longer if you can so you can prove that you’re a hard worker and deserve a promotion.”
+ “You should make sure to fit in and do what others expect you to do.”
+ “It’s okay to start with a job you don’t really like because you can work your way up in a couple of years.”
+ “You shouldn’t get too emotional at work, it’ll make you look weak and unprofessional.”

My dear, why would you even think that? Or accept these beliefs like they’re your own? Does reading these statements make you feel happy? Do they fill you up with energy? Ignite that passion within you? Do they make you feel valuable and confident?

I believe it’s time that we adopt a new mindset when it comes to work and our careers. A new set of assumptions, beliefs, and methods that empower us, instead of dragging us along. I believe that people should be able to choose a different path, often not as unbeaten as others might have you think. I believe that you should live a life that presents you with choices, not obligations. A life where you can enjoy your work and still get home on time to be with your family, practice your hobby or meet up with friends. One where you can be personal, authentic and most of all, true to yourself.

Coaching is not about paying lots of money to a stranger so he/she will fix all your problems. It’s not about doing all sorts of strange yoga poses or choosing a spirit animal that resembles your journey (I’m not making this up, some people actually do this).

Coaching is about taking action. About having the courage to redesign your life and your business, so that you can grow in a way that feels right. And there is nothing weak about that. If anything, it shows that you are super effing strong and capable of making the right choices.

I’m curious, would you consider getting a business coach? And if you already did, what was your experience? Feel free to message me, I’d love to hear from you.


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